«Part of my drive as an artist is to reach

as many eyes as possible.

This collaboration really shows the possibility

of celebrating differences

and harmonizing our histories.»


bold energy
to continue writing
the Remy Martin story

From our unique terroirs to our family values and heritage, Rémy Martin’s rich story dates back almost three centuries. And as our products and brand grow finer with age, so too should our vision. Today, we continue to tell our story from a fresh and exciting new perspective.

As the latest expression of our forward-focused mindset, we’ve teamed up with American artist Matt W. Moore to introduce the next visual chapter. Going beyond just packaging design, Matt has created a new graphical language for our entire VSOP universe.

Let’s write this new chapter together…

Celebrating art
in all its forms

Since our early beginnings, we’ve always sought to reveal and nurture outstanding talents. This desire is embedded in our DNA. From artists and winegrowers to the cellar masters who craft our cognacs, talented people reflect the multitude of diverse skills behind our brand.

In fact, such is the embodiment of our emblem, the mythological centaur, which excelled as a teacher, hunter, philosopher and herbalist. This multi-talented mindset was encapsulated in our “One Life / Live Them” campaign, launched in 2015, which celebrated the “slash” way of life.

Celebrating art
in all its forms

Where motion
meets emotion

In this spirit of revealing talents, in 2016 we invited kinetic artist Vincent Leroy to conceive Limited Editions. Kinetic art is interactive, seeking to engage the audience though movement and multiplicity.

This art of motion creates an experience that is both emotional and physical.

By breaking free from the constraints of a static canvas, kinetic art allows us to push back boundaries and explore dynamic new dimensions of life.

The ideal

Nicknamed MWM for short, Matt W. Moore became world-famous for a digital-abstract style he calls Vectorfunk.

Through this unique form of kinetic art, he creates an expressive visual language that explores colorful geometric patterns and semiotics.

Matt’s work is regularly exhibited across a vast array of venues and media, from walls and sculptures to playground blacktops. And he has collaborated with a broad variety of brands.

A man
of many tastes
and talents

But Matt W. Moore is more than an artist. The diligent millennial is also a graphic designer, a streetball enthusiast and, having enjoyed a considerable amount of time in France over the past decade, an unrepentant Francophile.

His multifaceted passion for art and life makes him a perfect partner to tell the VSOP story with us.

Matt’s visual narrative brings powerful new energy to our brand, reaching out to a wider audience and building intrigue around our VSOP universe.

« Being here in Cognac to see the vineyards,feel the sun, witness the cycles of the seasons.and how these elements come together in harmonyIt’s a sensory experience that has provided
fertile ground for our collaboration »


VSOP stands out
in its true colors

On his visit to Cognac, Matt was taken away by the region’s unspoiled beauty of lush landscapes and natural treasures. This majestic backdrop served as inspiration for his creative vision.

While staying true to the spirit of Rémy Martin’s traditional codes, Matt found clever new ways to interpret them visually. Although the prominent colors needed to respect the classic VSOP red, maroon, black and gold, Matt fluidly integrated the rest of the spectrum to support a perfect balance.

“I am very pleased with the hints of gold and spot varnish areas on the gift box,” Matt continues. “We decided to use reflective metallic gold in areas that were originally bright yellow, the result being even more powerful and captivating.”

A rich realm
of discovery

Matt’s work blends natural elements like grapes and leaves, and inserts subtle clues, inviting the audience into an adventure of movement and mystery.

He even revisits our cherished symbolism,
like the mythical centaur,

prominently outstretched
in a graphical scheme of geometric splendor.

“My first goal was to design all of the different existing elements: the grapes, vines, leaves, sunbursts, custom typography for VSOP, and the overall flow of the compositions,” Matt explains. “Once we established a healthy library of illustrated assets, the next step was to compose them in clever ways for each of the different applications – gift box, bottle label and beyond.”

A panoramic landscape

Matt conceived the overall composition of the gift box as a continuous panorama.
Each of the panels is a section of the overall abstract landscape.
So when the four boxes are properly aligned side by side, the entire artwork is revealed.

Savor the spirit
of excellence

Our most popular spirit of all, Rémy Martin VSOP is a versatile blend that appeals to a very diverse range of consumers, and it has been the world’s favorite VSOP Fine Champagne for almost a century.

Composed of eaux-de-vie exclusively from the highest-quality vineyards of Cognac, this iconic appellation embodies the perfect harmony of powerful and elegant aromas and offers excellent aging potential.

The Mapple

As a native of Portland, Maine, Matt grew up close to Canada and its world-renowned maple syrup. Matt’s grandmother even used to make her own. And to this day, Matt still starts off each morning with some. Fittingly, maple syrup is a key ingredient in Matt’s favorite VSOP cocktail.

/ 40ml/1.35oz Rémy Martin VSOP
/ 15ml/0.5oz fresh lemon juice
/ 15ml/0.5oz maple syrup
/ A few slices of fresh ginger

Muddle the ginger in the shaker, shake all ingredients over ice, strain into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice, and enjoy!

Please drink responsibly !

Add a layer of wonder to your world

Bringing the
visual language
to life

Through an imaginative new adventure of augmented reality, you’re invited to revisit your surroundings by taking on the role of the viewer as well as the artist.

ARt means Augmented Reality Tour which will be celebrated in the form of City Tours in major cities all around the world, from New York and London to Moscow and Shanghai.

« Through augmented reality let’s create things that have never been seen before.»


From Art
to Art

It is the world’s first brand activation that leverages ARKit technology through an art perspective. Playing with a vast pallet of 3D graphical elements inspired by Matt’s new visual universe, you’re free to become the artist, redesign your environment, and create your own unique vision of the world.


Join the Augmented Reality Tour
by Remy Martin


Florence Puech

International communications director

Pauline Candelle

International communications manager